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[two_third_column] BASKET OF BREAD:

Fresh house baked bread served with olive oil and balsamic glaze.[/two_third_column]6

[two_third_column] RUSTIC POTATO CHIPS:

Rosemary salted house made potato chips served with our housemade Mossiface Pale Ale relish.[/two_third_column]8.5

[two_third_column] NIBBLES PLATTER: (GF)

Housemade pork scratchings, marinated olives, spiced nuts and chilli pickled onions.[/two_third_column]15.5

[two_third_column]MARINATED OLIVES: (GF) [/two_third_column]5

[two_third_column]SPICED NUTS: (GF) [/two_third_column]5

[two_third_column]PORK SCRATCHINGS: (GF) [/two_third_column]6

[two_third_column]CHILLI PICKLED ONIONS: (GF) [/two_third_column]4



[two_third_column]SEAFOOD PLATTER: Beer suggestions – Wheat beer /Pilsner

Grilled market fish, Kilpatrick mussels, Singapore chilli prawns, lemon salted tempura squid rings, prawn parcels, rosemary salted rustic cut potato chips and a garden salad, served with lemon wedgesand dipping sauces [/two_third_column]39



[two_third_column]TOM YUM SOUP (GF)

A traditional spice infused Thai hot and sour soup with your choice of chicken, prawn or vegetable [/two_third_column]12

[two_third_column]TUNA CARPACCIO: (GF Available) Beer suggestions – Wheat Beer or Pilsner

Pan flashed and thinly sliced chilled yellow fin tuna. Served with wasabi aioli & lemon dressed [/two_third_column]17

[two_third_column]GRILLED SALMON: (GF) Beer suggestions – Wheat Beer or Pilsner

Salmon slices, flashed on the flat top served with a fresh lemon and parsley butter sauce, Aside light salad [/two_third_column]16.5

[two_third_column]MOROCCAN CHICKEN STACK: Beer suggestions – Rye Beer

Tender chicken patties stacked between a beetroot, orange and mint risotto cake, bacon, tatziki and mixed lettuce [/two_third_column]16

[two_third_column]LAMB CUTLETS: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pale Ale

Tender lamb cutlets served with a fresh marinated fetta salad drizzled with balsamic dressing [/two_third_column]16.5

[two_third_column]TEMPURA SQUID: Beer suggestions – Wheat Beer / Pilsner

Crispy battered squid, seasoned with spiced salt, served with a crispy Asian salad & a Nam Jim dressing[/two_third_column]16

[two_third_column]BEEF FAJITAS: Beer suggestions – Rye Beer

Tender beef strips, capsicum and onion, pan flashed and served with tortillas, guacamole, salsa and rice.[/two_third_column]16



[two_third_column]LEMON PEPPER CALAMARI SALAD: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pilsner or Wheat Beer

Pan fried marinated calamari, served on a bed of light garden greens with apricot and chilli dressing[/two_third_column]18

[two_third_column] PRAWN AND AVOCADO SALAD: Beer suggestions – Wheat Beer, Pale Ale or Pilsner

Pan fried prawn tails, crispy bacon pieces, cashew nuts, tomato, capsicum, onions and cos lettuce, tossed together and topped with an avocado rose and finished with red wine and plum dressing[/two_third_column]20

[two_third_column]THAI CHICKEN SALAD: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pale Ale or Rye Beer

A traditional fragrant Thai spiced chicken salad served with baby cos leaves, Thai chillies, lemon grass and coirander[/two_third_column]16

[two_third_column]GARDEN SALAD: (GF)
A traditional garden salad[/two_third_column]7.5



[two_third_column]GARLIC PIZZA:

Garlic, herbed butter and mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]9

[two_third_column]CHILLI PIZZA:

Freshly ground chilli, jalapeno peppers, Napoli sauce, herb infused olive oil & mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]9

[two_third_column]MARGHERITA PIZZA:

A fresh tomato and herb sauce finished with mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]9

[two_third_column]VEGETARIAN PIZZA:

Tomato base topped with herbs, roasted capsicums, charred eggplant, olives, oven roasted tomatoes, caramelized onion and mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]16

[two_third_column]CHORIZO PIZZA:

Napoli base, house made chorizo sausage, tomato slices topped with basil infused olive oil and mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]16

[two_third_column]THE VERY MEATY PIZZA:

Bacon pieces, chorizo sausage, grilled chicken on a napoli base topped with roasted capsicums, onions and topped with mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]16

[two_third_column]MEXICANA PIZZA:

Grilled chicken, capsicum, jalapenos, onion, mexican spice and napoli sauce topped with mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]16


Roasted pumpkin pieces on a béchamel base topped with rosmary and finished with a blend of blue and mozzarella cheeses[/two_third_column]16

[two_third_column]FLORENTINE PRAWN PIZZA:

Grilled prawns on a béchamel base with oven roasted capsicum, fetta cheese and roasted garlic, finished with pan flashed spinach and mozzarella cheese[/two_third_column]16



[two_third_column]FISH AND CHIPS:

House battered fish served with rustic cut potato chips[/two_third_column]9.5


Crispy battered squid, served with rustic cut potato chips and a lemon & caper mayonnaise[/two_third_column]9.5

[two_third_column]LINGUINI BOLOGNESE:

Sautéed ground beef in a rich vegetable and Napoli sauce served atop linguini[/two_third_column]9.5



[two_third_column]BULLANT BEEF BURGER: Beer suggestions – Pale Ale

A monstrous 250 gram house made beef patty inside a homemade burger bun with tomato, beetroot, bacon, lettuce, onion jam & whole grain mustard mayonnaise. Served beside rustic cut, rosemary salted chips and finished with our famous Mossiface Pale Ale relish.[/two_third_column]20

[two_third_column]SURF & TURF: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pale Ale

A 300g, fat trimmed beef rump topped with sautéed prawns in a garlic and mustard sauce served on a bed of pan seared vegetable and a potato rosti.[/two_third_column]28

[two_third_column]CHINESE BBQ PORK: (GF) Beer suggestions – IPA

Slow roasted pork loin, marinated in a blend of chinese sweet spices, served beside nasi goreng rice topped with a sunny side egg and garnished with dried onions[/two_third_column]28

[two_third_column]BAKED BARRAMUNDI: Beer suggestions – Pilsner

Baked Barramundi fillet served on a potato rosti & sauteed English spinach, finished with a lovely lemon Beurre-Blanc[/two_third_column]26

[two_third_column]GRILLED AUSSIE KING PRAWNS: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pilsner

Whole king prawns grilled and flavoured with fresh lemon & choice spices, served around a light garden salad[/two_third_column]28

[two_third_column]CHICKEN KEBABS: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pale Ale

Marinated chicken, skewered with capsicum, onion & mushrooms, Barbequed to perfection served on a bed of rice covered with a coconut based peanut sauce[/two_third_column]27

[two_third_column]MIXED GRILL: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pale Ale

The Bullant spin on an old favourite. A choice selection of rump steak, lamb cutlet, Moroccan chicken pattie & bacon, cooked to perfection. Served with roasted tomato, sautéed spinach and a potato rosti & a selection of condiments[/two_third_column]28

[two_third_column]CHICKEN AND ROAST PUMPKIN RISOTTO: (GF) Beer suggestions – Wheat Beer

A flavoursome and creamy risotto, finished with infused basil and rosemary[/two_third_column]24

[two_third_column]VEGETABLE RISOTTO: (GF) Beer suggestions – Pale Ale

A traditional roasted Italian vegetable risotto finished with fresh basil[/two_third_column]24

[two_third_column]LINGUINI CACCIATORI: Beer suggestions – Brown Ale

Sautéed chicken pieces and house made chorizo sausage, deglazed with red wine, tossed through linguini & Napoli sauce finished with fresh Italian parsley[/two_third_column]24

[two_third_column]LINGUINI VEGETARIANO: Beer suggestions – Wheat Beer

Roasted italian vegetables, fresh herbs and linguini pasta all tossed through a chunky tomato sauce[/two_third_column]24



[two_third_column]STICKY DATE PUDDING: Beer suggestions – IPA or Stout

Sticky pudding made with a blend of our Pig and Whistle Brown Ale marinated dates and drizzled with a caramel sauce and whipped cream[/two_third_column]9.5

[two_third_column]CHERRY RIPE ICE-CREAM Beer suggestions – Stout

A house made chocolate ice-cream whipped with roasted coconut, glazed cherries & chocolate ganache and whipped cream[/two_third_column]9.5

[two_third_column]WHITE CHOCOLATE AND RASPBERRY CHEESE CAKE Beer suggestions – Wheat Beer

A combination of rich white chocolate and swirls of sweet raspberries, on a Marie biscuit base, served with whipped cream on the side[/two_third_column]9.5

[two_third_column]FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE (GF) Beer suggestions – Brown Ale

A rich, dark, decadent chocolate cake lashed with chocolate ganache and whipped cream on the side[/two_third_column]9.5